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3 Things every bride should know (& do!) on her Wedding Day


Looking back on our wedding day I can honestly say it was pretty perfect. Nothing went terribly wrong, everyone had a great time, and at the end of the day we got married and had a blast with our friends and family. That being said there are a few things I wish is done differently or listened to when other people told me.


1. I wish I had been more of a diva.

This one sounds a little crazy but hear me out: I was so determined to make sure everyone else thought I was a relaxed bride and that they were happy and enjoying themselves that I didn't do what I wanted to do. I wish I had been less go with the flow with some of our vendors. The drapery at the ceremony wasn't what I wanted and I should have spoken up and given the vendor a clear direction of what I wanted rather than trusting his "Artistic Direction". There are a few shots I wish I had from our day that we don't have because I didn't put together a detailed shot list. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love our photos but I wish I had made my voice heard on the day when it came to exact shots that I wanted. Vendors can't read minds and we shouldn't expect them too!

2. To actually relax.

I was so stressed the morning of the wedding. I'm a pretty anxiety prone person and tend to get very stressed out very easily so you can only imagine what wedding morning was like for me. I wish I had thought of this in advance and had some ideas on how to prevent this. Maybe have a playlist of your favorite songs or a few episodes of your favorite wedding related tv episodes lined up to take your mind off things. I just wish I had been more in the moment and enjoyed my morning of getting ready rather than hyperventilating in the bathroom!!

3. Understand that pictures take A LONG TIME.

I've been in bridal parties before so I had a pretty good understanding of how many photos happen at a wedding but it's completely different when you're the bride! I definitely lost my patience a little in the middle of family photos when I had already been smiling for an hour and half of photos! I definitely recommend giving your maid of honor the duty of carrying a water bottle and a snack around for you! It's definitely helpful when you can take a step back and have a sip of water in between photos!

These are just a few things that I wish someone had told me before my wedding day so hopefully they benefit you on yours! At the end of the day our wedding really was perfect and these things didn't impact my overall thoughts and feelings of the day! But if I were to redo our wedding day these are some things I'd be sure to keep in mind :)



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