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6 Ways to incorporate your custom watercolor wedding crest throughout your day

Wedding Crests are beautiful and they add a personal touch to your wedding that you and your guests will never forget, but they can also come with a hefty price tag - all those details take time!! The great thing about wedding crests and why I believe they are 100% worth the money and should be included in your wedding is because they can be used in so. many. places!

A wedding crest is the perfect way to tie together your wedding design and create a theme for the day - including before and after the wedding! In fact they can be used in so many places that it actually cuts down on the decor pieces you need to buy! So have I convinced you that you need your own watercolor crest yet? If not I've broken down all the great ways to use your crest throughout your wedding planning process and big day to create a cohesive event your guests can't wait to attend!

1. Save the Dates & Custom Wedding Invitations

This ones probably the most obvious but also one of my favorites! Having your custom crest on your save the date and invitation sets the tone for your wedding day and gives your guests a sneak peek into what to expect from your day. It's also a great way to express your style on your stationery while still maintaining a classic and clean look.

2. Thank You Notes

This one falls along the same lines as your save the dates and invitations but I think its a great way to personalize your thank you notes! Why send a generic thank you note when your guests can receive a beautiful piece of your wedding day for them to hold on to! I also love this idea for Bridal Shower thank you notes - it's the perfect preview for what your guests can expect at the wedding and keeps all of your stationery in one cohesive and personal package.

3. Custom Cocktail Napkins & Drink Stirs

Upgrade your cocktail hour with custom napkins and coordinating drink stirs! I love the idea of serving a signature cocktail on a custom crest napkin with a coordinating stir - how cute and the perfect photo op! Cocktail napkins are a super affordable way to make sure your crest is seen and enjoyed!

4. Welcome Signs & Guest Book

These are my most common requests for crest use so while they're not unexpected they're definitely a great way to incorporate your crest in your day! Have your crest printed on a canvas along with a fun "Welcome to our wedding" to greet guests when they're walking into the ceremony or have your crest printed on beautiful high quality watercolor paper and have guests sign their names around it for your guest book! I love that this can then be framed and hung up in your home forever!

5. Corn Hole Boards & Lawn Games

Ok this ones a little bizarre but hear me out! If you're having an outdoor wedding with lawn games this is the PERFECT way to incorporate your crest! You can have custom boards printed with your crest on the front and then order coordinating bean bags! If this doesn't make for a cohesive theme I don't know what does!

6. Favors

The final tip and probably my most favorite - I saw a photo a while back of monogrammed cookies and thought YES, have your crest as decoration on cookies and you have the perfect favor. Not into cookies? You can also have your crest printed on tags and attach these to the favors - then your guests will take a little bit of you two home with them!

So are you convinced that custom watercolor crests are definitely worth the money? There are so many awesome ways to use your crest throughout the wedding day and after and this list is just a few of my favorites - there are so many more!

If you think a custom crest is the perfect addition to your wedding you can purchase a crest here and we can get started creating yours today!

Still aren't sure if a crest is right for you? Send me a note and we can talk more about all of the options for customizing your wedding!


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