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The start of a new chapter - leaving my 9-5

Oof my first blog post - this feels like a big moment! For those of you who are new around here, which considering this is my first blog post, is probably most of you; I'm Pippa, a twenty-something living in Chicago attempting to make my childhood dreams come true.

I graduated from college almost 5 years ago and since then i've had four (Yes 4!) full time jobs and I have quit all 4 said jobs. This last one was different though, this time there was no new job, no higher salary, no benefits package to move on to. This time it's me, my laptop, a set of paints, and a desk set up in our guest bedroom - and to tell you the truth, i'm terrified. You see, this wasn't part of the plan, this wasn't what 21 year old me thought would happen when I graduated college. In fact if you'd asked me then where i'd be now I would have said I'd be living in New York working as a designer at a top women's fashion brand working towards creating my own brand. But sometimes dreams change and shift and become totally new dreams and thats what seems to be happening here, to me.

I've wanted to work in the fashion industry my entire life, I was that 10 year old kid who knew exactly where they wanted to be in 10, 20, 30 years time. I had the whole thing planned out, I'd work in the industry for a while until I could one day start my own Womenswear brand. I went to school for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising and I graduated and got my "dream" job as an Assistant Designer at a Womenswear brand. I lasted 10 months. I moved on to a production job at another women's Fashion Brand, 18 months later I quit. I started a new job in Product Development at you guessed it: a womenswear company! I lasted another 11 months (woo!). I left that job and the fashion industry, moved to Chicago and decided that working in tech sounded like a great idea. 10 months later - here we are! Sitting on my couch at noon on a Monday writing this blog post.

In all of those jobs I woke up everyday feeling like I could be doing something more, something bigger. I was never content with doing whatever someone else told me to do. So I slowly on the side started doing my own thing. Yep I started side hustling. And It made me so HAPPY. I got to come home from work every day and do what I thought was best, create something that I loved, I called the shots in my life for the first time in 5 years.

So 1 month ago I quit my 9-5 to throw myself into my custom stationery business where every day I'm the boss. Its awesome, and thrilling, and absolutely terrifying. But everyday I get to sit down and I get to paint and draw and I've now realized that that's what I've loved my entire life and that's why I've never been content in any of those other jobs. Its scary and risky and I pour my heart out on paper every time I sit down with a paintbrush but I also go to bed every night with a smile on my face for the first time in 5 years and I wouldn't trade that for all the stable paychecks in the world.

So while I know virtually nothing about finances or marketing or running a business in general, I'm taking the bull by the horns and diving headfirst into small business ownership. Starting here, every Monday on my couch, telling all of you a little bit more about me.

xoxo Pippa


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