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Custom art for those big moments in life

At Painted By Pippa, we believe that art should have meaning and bring you joy. Turn memories into art with our custom portraits. Available for those big moments like your first home, the big day, or your new best friend. 

Custom portraits have a 4-6 week lead time and are available in various sizes. 

Briar Home Painting_5.1.1.jpg


Bring your home, home with you

Whether it's your first home or your fifth, homes carry so many memories. Bring those memories to life with a custom portrait of your home

LM Wedding Portrait.jpg


A photo says a thousand words, a painting lasts forever

Your wedding day is one you won't soon forget. A custom watercolor portrait is perfect for your home or as a gift to parents

Kucic Pet Portrait.jpg

Your fluffy friend deserves a space in your heart & on your wall


Your best friend deserves their own painting too. Have a custom portrait created of your pet. Have more than one furry friend? Let's paint them all!

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